What and how much Google knows about YOU


We all know that google knows everything. Every question we ask from Google it has answers to it. The way Google searches the internet to get answers for us in the same way, it remembers everything we search on the google and learn about us.

Here are some  URLs which shows what  & how much google knows about us. These URLs are quite useful so it’s better to keep them handy.

Google Search History

Google keeps log of the searches we made on the internet to check all the google searches check history.google.com

To search all the voice searches check history.google.com/history/audio, when next time you say “ok google” on your android phone to search, just remember that is going to get saved on google’s server.

Activity Log

This will list up all the activities associated with a device which is logged on using your google’s account. This will also show I.P address of device along with an approximate location.

To check activity log, check myaccount.google.com/security

Google Maps Timeline

Google map application on your mobile device is reporting your approximate location and speed to the google’s servers.  To check go to google.com/maps/timelinethis data can be exported in JSON or KML format.

Tracking Android Devices

In case you have lost your android device then google provides a service to locate your lost phone. To locate all your devices go to google.com/android/devicemanager. This service also tracks IMEI number of the remote device.

Exporting Your Data

Google provides a link by which we can download all of our data on google products, data includes our data on blogs, bookmarks, calendar, photos, keep data etc…

Link to take out our data is www.google.com/takeout

Password on Chrome

Google chrome store username and corresponding passwords in its key store. these passwords are used for log-in. Once we are logged in our google account we can view all the usernames and passwords.


How google sees you

Using your search and browsing pattern, google creates an image of yourself. which predicts your age, gender & interests. This information is used to feed you with more relevant ads.

To check your profile go to www.google.com/setting/ads.

If you care a lot about your privacy check out the article about duckduckgo




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