WannaCry Ransomware : What all you should know

WannaCry Ransomware

What is WannaCry Ransomware ?

WannaCry is a malicious software that locks up the files on your computer by encrypting them so that they cannot be accessed. Ransomware is again a software that takes a hold of your computer and ask for ransome in order to release it back.

How does it spread ?

WannaCry program encrypts your files, lock your computer and ask for money in the form of Bitcoin if you want to gain back access to your computer. It is not certain that access will be granted after you make payment.

How to protect yourself from WannaCry ?

If any of your computer is running any version of Windows operating system then you should apply the latest security update from Microsoft. Be very careful in opening up any email attachments from unknown source.

WannaCry can also spread over local network without even user interactions.

Is there any fix if your computer is infected ?

The simple answer is NO. There are no tool or decryptor for removing the effects of WannaCry. According to reputed anti virus company WannaCry deletes the Volume Shadow backup which are used to restore files.

Where did it come from ?

WannaCry is believed to have originated from National Security Agency  (NSA) United States.

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