Top 10 Features of Google Docs

Google docs is bundled with very useful features which make word processing job very easy. Today we will be discussing top 10 features in this article.

Voice typing: Sometimes it’s more intuitive to speak than to type on the keyboard, in this case, google docs provides voice typing support. To start using voice typing, in the menu select Tools->voice typing…, a microphone will appear on the screen just click to toggle voice typing on or off. Only chrome supports voice typing.

 Suggestions: When you are working on shared document, the edit mode can be changed so that document can track changes. This will enable collaborators to see the changes what you have made and accept or reject those changes.  Click the pencil on the top right of the document and select Suggesting. Now all the changes will be tracked, every change will be shown on the right side of a document with the name of who have made the changes and comment section.

Tagging in comments: if you want to draw someone attention to the comment you have made. You can add  @ or + sign and then choose his/her name from the list.  He/She will get an email alert of your comment.

Bookmarks: For a long document, we can add bookmarks to easily locate import portions of the document. To add bookmarks just from the menu choose Insert->Bookmark and blue bookmark icon will be added to left side of the document.

Clear formatting: Whenever we copy paste a portion of text from another document, then that portion have different formatting and sometimes we copy text to notepad then copy that text from the notepad to clear formatting. Google docs provide an inbuilt tool to clear the formatting, just highlight the text and right-click it to choose Clear formatting, we can also highlight the non-conforming text choose from menu Format->Clear formatting.

Offline mode: We don’t need the internet all the time to use google docs but alternatively we when connected to the internet we can do such a setting that we can use google docs we are offline. Only Chrome browser supports offline mode. Go to google drive and select gear icon on the top right then select setting. Check the box in the Offline section for “Sync Google docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline”

Substitutions: These are like macros which when typed will be replaced the substitutions. Go to Tools->Prefrences… to see the list of substitutions, we can change or add new substitutions in the list.

Google Support:  To look up the definition, synonyms of the word without leaving the document you select that particular word and on right click select Define…, a panel on the right will open with definition and synonyms of that word. Similarly to perform the google search on that word select Explore…, google search will be performed and results will be shown on the right panel.

Revision History: From File->See revision history you can view revision history of the document and jump to desired revision. Revision history is shown in chronological order.

Keep support: Keep is a very handy tool from google that enables us to keep track of our tasks and notes. Google provides its support, select Tools->Keep notepad. It will show Keep notes on right panel and we can drag keep notes to our document.

before concluding last bonus feature for you..

Adding custom functions: In case we want to add additional functionality to google docs we can add menu option and write some script to perform that particular task.  This was explained in one of our previous post please refer this link


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