Top 8 apps exhausting your data plan

Is your data plan exhausting weeks before the next month bill cycle ? Those last few days you are charged extra for the data network used by the phone or when the data speed is reduced to rock bottom are the most painful.

Here we are listing down some apps and setting you have to look at to save your mobile data.

1. Video auto play feature in Facebook.

Auto play feature for videos utilizes majority of your data plan. Stop Facebook app from playing video automatically when on data network. Go to Facebook > App Settings > Autoplay

2. Auto play feature in Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter also drinks up from data plan pool with its auto playback mode for video. Change your twitter app setting. Go to Settings  > Data > Video autoplay

3. Snapchat

Snapchat preloads stories and images which uses lot of data. Enable Travel Mode, this saves your data and downloads the stories and snaps only when your click on them. Go to Settings > Manage > Enable Travel Mode.

4. Instagram

 Instagram does more than just photos and video sharing, it preloads the video and start playing them. Go to Settings > Cellular Data Use > select Use Less Data

5. Youtube

Youtube does not auto play the video as soon as they appear in the feed. But there is auto play feature for suggested next video. Go to Settings > General

  • Limit mobile data usage to only play HD video on WiFi
  • Disable autoplay for automatically suggested next video
  • Upload video only on WiFi

6. Amazon Prime

You certainly are addicted to watching videos on Amazon prime but this comes at the price of your data plan apart from subscription charges 😉

Go to Settings > Stream & Download and toggle the switches to

  • Download on WiFi
  • Stream on WiFi only
  • Notify when streaming on mobile data

7. Google Map

Do you use Google Map a lot while driving to get the direction.  The best way to save up your cellular data is to download the offline maps. You should also disable the feature of Start Map in satellite view.

8. Netflix

Netflix is as popular as Amazon prime both uses mobile data unless your phone is connected to WiFi. Go to App Settings > Cellular Data Usage. Tap on OFF or Low mode

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