Top 7 features Samsung prinked in Android 7 Nougat

Samsung yet again has made custom changes in Android. This time the smart phone giant has prinked the major look and feel with its latest OS update to Android 7 (Nougat) in Galaxy S7 edge.

Lets take a quick look at some of the glamorized features.

Here we will compare the Galaxy S7 Marshmallow features  (OLD) with latest Nougat features  (NEW).

1. Camera 

The camera UI is now more gesture friendly, you can now swipe left to change camera modes, right to apply different filters, up or down to switch between primary and secondary camera. Camera app is now much more simple.


   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

2. Quick Settings & Notification Panel

The quick setting panel is given a cleaner look by reducing the size of icons. The height of the notification panel is also streamlined by reducing sized of date and clock size.


   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

3. Folders and App drawer

Folder’s opaque white background is now replaced with transparent background. While in app drawer there is a search box at top with voice search option available as well.



   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

4. Settings

Samsung’s Nougat setting has been revolutionized to have a more intuitive look and feel. The earlier cumbersome hierarchical setting now looks simple and clean.


   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

5. Stock Phone App

The most used phone, messaging, browser, email and calendar apps are revised with rich text style and button icons.


   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

6. App Switcher

The close all button on App Switch screen has a more subtle layout. Split screen feature in Samsung is known from earlier days of Galaxy Note 2, but now you can only swap the screen between two apps or close them.


   Marshmallow (OLD)             Nougat (NEW)

7. Extra New Features

Screen resolution :

With advancement to Nougat a new feature screen resolution has been added. There are three resolution levels HD mode 720 x 1280, FHD mode 1080 x 1920 and QHD mode 1440 x 2560.


If you want to make full use of GPU and screen capabilities go for QHD mode.

Screen modes :

There are also four different performance modes:

  • Optimised : This mode make a balance battery life and screen resolution for everyday use. It is recommended to use optimised mode unless you really want to change and test the screen performance.

  • High performance mode : If you want to experience the highest quality display with maximum brightness and resolution switch the device to high performance mode.  This mode increases the full brightness to even 10% further and resolution to QHD mode. Keep a note that more brightness to the screen reduces the battery life.

  • Game mode : This  one is a fun feature. This mode converts your device into a gaming machine as far as display is concern. It sets the screen resolution to FHD (1080 x 1920), increases the brightness and opens up gaming tool button on most of the gaming apps.

  • Entertainment mode : This mode is for movie lovers. If you like watching lots of video clips you should turn the device into entertainment mode. The entertainment mode enhances the image and video quality, changes the screen resolution to QHD. The distinctive feature about this mode is that the sound resolution for music and video is enhanced for a clearer listening experience.


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