Using Google too much….then Beware

Google is part of our online life every day today and has made our life a lot easier, but if you are using Google frequently to search for information, rather than using your brains, then beware this may lead to dementia.

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Android Will Have This APPLE Like Feature

Soon Android will have a feature of Apple. There is a new feature coming soon to recognize songs in Google Assistant. When this feature comes,  Android users will not need any third-party applications to recognize songs.

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Parental Control for Android

Google recently launches parental control application & aptly named it as Family Link.  It helps parents to keep in the loop as their kids explore their android devices. Family Link lets parents create an account for their kids and link it to their own account.

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What and how much Google knows about YOU


We all know that google knows everything. Every question we ask from Google it has answers to it. The way Google searches the internet to get answers for us in the same way, it remembers everything we search on the google and learn about us.

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Handy Labs Stuff for Gmail

Google provides some experiment stuff that can enhance your Gmail experience but at the same time they come with a disclaimer from google that states

Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time.

But they have provided a way which will enable your inbox to load in case lab feature breaks. Use “” to bypass lab features from loading.

There are many lab features but today we will discuss two of the most handy features. We shall discuss other lab features in other post. Stay tuned 😉

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