How to submit the sitemap file for indexing on Yandex Webmaster Tool

Search Engine Optimization is essential for your blog and pages to increase the page rank and indexing. We have already covered some articles about the SEO for your site. Assuming you have gone through the previous post about the Yandex Webmaster Tool.

To submit the sitemap.xml file to Yandex Webmaster tool follow the below step

Submit sitemap to Yandex Webmaster Tool

1. Login to Yandex Webmaster Tool dashboard.

2. Click on Indexing > Sitemap files

3. Add your sitemap.xml file created by Yoast SEO plugin or by you.

In above example the sitemap file generated was sitemap-1.xml, find yours and add appropriately.

As soon as you click the Add button the Yandex search engine starts crawling your site. Once the crawling is completed all the web links are indexed on to the Yandex search engine server. You are all set, your site or blog is now available in search index. It should now be visible somewhat like

Let us know in case you need more help by dropping in comments.

Happy blogging 🙂

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