How to submit a site to Yandex Search Engine

In the series of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your blog and post we have already covered the about set up of Yoast SEO Plugin. Today we will focus on submitting your site to Yandex. Yandex is a Russian technology company which also operates the largest search engine in Russia. Lets get started with steps.

1. Search for Yandex Webmaster tool and open the url. You can directly jump from here Yandex Webmaster Tool

2. Click on Log in and Register with your details. Once registered login to Yandex Webmaster Tool.

3.  Click on the plus sign button on the Dashboard page to add your site or blog.

4. Add the URL of your site under the Site address and click on Add button.

5. Yandex Webmaster Tool generates meta tag for your site. You can copy paste the meta tag on the home page of your site. Once meta tag is inserted by you click on Check button.

  • Add meta tag on Home Page

Login to cpanel of your site as admin. Go to the home page, select text mode and add the complete meta tag under the html tag. You need to copy the whole text. If you choose this method of manual entering the meta tag in html format, you should submit the sitemap.xml file to Yandex Webmaster.

  • Use Yoast SEO Plugin to add meta data

You can use multi-purpose Yoast plugin to add the meta tag content. Copy only the content part and go to Cpanel dashboard of your site.

Once logged into CPanel dashboard go to Plugins > Installed Plugin > Yoast SEO > settings > Webmaster tools

Add the content text in Yandex section and click on Save changes button.

6. Switch back to Yandex Webmaster Tools and click ‘Check’.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your site to Yandex Webmaster Tools. Yoast SEO plugin will crawl your site on Yandex but in case if you chose the manual method of submitting meta tag inside home page html, you should submit the sitemap file for indexing.

Happy blogging 🙂

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