How to set up Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

Whenever we talk or think about the search engine optimization (SEO) of a WordPress website the very first name in the plugin category that is recommended is “Yoast SEO”. Yoast is all in one SEO plugin which does all the work for you. Yoast take care of your site’s Google indexing, Bing indexing, generate site map, social networking promotion. Because of so many features in Yoast a new blogger or someone with little knowledge of SEO may find it difficult to setup the plugin. Lets get started with the tutorial, and set up this SEO plugin for Free.

Yoast plugin has a new feature of user friendly and interactive method for setting up which is recently updated by Yoast in version 4.0. We will focus on the interactive way as it is much more easier for a new user to understand.

1. Click on ‘CONFIGURE YOAST SEO’ button.

2. The set up wizard will direct to environment page. It is always recommended to take the back up of your data before proceeding ahead. You can always take a backup and try the setup on Staging or Development environment but we have also verified the setup process on LIVE sites and there were no issues.

3. Setup wizard takes into the consideration of type of site you want to optimize for SEO. Click on the radio button as per your site type.

4. Fill in the whether the blog or site belongs to a company or a person. This data is used as meta data about your site which will be shown Google knowledge graph.

5. Social profile addition via Google knowledge graph is a very important feature introduced in Yoast 4.0. This will show your social profile in search engines result whenever someone searches for your blog name. Add all the relevant urls.

Social profile actually adds up to your brand name and help you reaching out to different set of users.  After the configuration is complete the search page for your blog in google may look like.

6. Moving on to next step of post type visibility we recommend you to use the below shown settings.

7.  In case there are multiple authors active for your blog, select yes and if you are the sole author of your blog and do not plan to add on to the number of authors in your blog select no.

8. One of the most crucial step in search engine optimization of your site is setting up Google Authorization Code. This will allow yoast SEO plugin to fetch your blog’s data from Google Search Console.

  • To get your Google Authorization Code click on the button “Get Google Authorization Code

  • This shall open up a pop up window to ask for permission by Google to allow Yoast SEO plugin. Click on Allow.
  • Copy the generated google authentication code.

  • Paste the copied google authentication code generated in previous step.

9. Setting up the title is one of the most important parts of this plugin. Title separator is being used by search engine to show the separator between post title and site name.

10. To get the latest information about the Yoast SEO plugin team subscribe to their Newsletter. This may help you in future about the new features added in the plugin.

You are all done in setting up of the plugin.  From now on Yoast SEO plugin will take care of all your technical optimization of your site.

We shall share other means for SEO of your site apart from the plugin. Stay tuned. If you face any issue in setting up the plugin drop a comment below.

Happy blogging 🙂


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