Send Bulk Mail With Personal Touch

Sometimes we have to send same mail to a group of people by making only minor changes like changing their names in their corresponding email or changing dealer name according to the location.

One way to send such mails is to compose separate mail for every such individual and send, but its a long and tedious job.

Gmail contact group can also be used to send same mail to a group of people but that lacks the personal touch.

With google sheets and with the help of an add-on YAMM (yet another mail merge) we can easily personalise bulk emails.

1. Create Spreadsheet.

Open a new google sheet’s spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet, write down email recipient’s information.

2. Add YAMM.

YAMM is an add-on. To add it select Add-ons > Get add-ons…¬†

Search yet another mail merge and add it.

3. Import Contacts.

YAMM provides an option to import contacts from Gmail contacts and also from salesforce CRM.

4. Create Mail Body.

Log in to your Gmail account and create an email body and type $%headername% anywhere in the email where you want to insert column data in mail. For example, in mail body type “Hi $%First Name%, ” if you want to add greetings with the first name at the starting of mail. Just close this window after mail creation is complete that will save mail in drafts.

5. Send Bulk Mail.

To send bulk email on the sheets menu click Add-ons… > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge. This will open a window that will ask for your name and template. A template name would be the subject of email saved in drafts. You have to choose the intented template and emails will be sent one-by-one to every user in the sheet.

Merge status column will update you with the current status of the email.




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  1. This is pretty amazing. I never thought sending bulk emails can be this simple. Are there some more third party extensions like this ? If there are some then I am excitedly looking forward for your next post!

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