Search engine that respects your privacy

Do you want to stop google from peeping into your life. Fed Up of seeing unnecessary advertisement while browsing. DuckDuckGo is the solution to your problem.

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that respects its users privacy & avoid filter bubble of customized search results. Filter bubble is a technique by which search algorithm guesses what user want to see based on user context. Context can include location, age, past search history & even past click behaviour.

DuckDuckGo do not store any personal info about the user ever,  which means there are no chances of your information shared with any third party whatsoever.

DuckDuckGo do not store the browsing history hence it does not follow you with advertisement.

Unlike other search engines which stores your details even in private browsing mode DuckDuckGo do not store any itsy bitsy info about you. It shows same search results to all users with same search inputs, this distinguishes it from other search engines. DuckDuckGo generates its results from sites like wikipedia and have partnerships with Yandex, Yahoo, Bing and Yummly.
DuckDuckGo is now advertising supported and earns revenue from serving ads from yahoo-bing search alliance network & affiliate relationship with many companies, but the user has the option to disable advertisement.

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