Samsung Pay – What & How to use it !

Forgot your wallet and credit/debit cards at home ? Need a reliable and more secure mobile payment system ? The answer to such questions is “Samsung Pay”. Samsung Pay is a new age method for making payments. Samsung Pay acclaim that it can work with almost every existing point-of-sale terminals in the market. Yes it works with almost all the POS terminals including those that use older magnetic stripe methods, thanks to patented MST.

Samsung Pay is currently supported by only few Samsung devices viz. Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy A7 (2016) & Galaxy A5 (2016).


In US you need to be on either of the carriers : AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular or Verizon. You will need a Visa, MasterCard or American Express issued by Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, PNC, Synchrony Financial, US Bank or Wells Fargo.

While in India currently many leading banks have already partnered with Samsung Pay.

How to use:

Install Samsung pay app in your mobile.  Register your fingerprint, scan your debit/credit cards. Currently 10 cards can be added in the application. To authorize a payment through Samsung Pay we can choose between fingerprint authentication & PIN authentication. Once done swipe up on small app icon to open the app, select the card to pay from, authenticate the payment via fingerprint or PIN. You are done !

Samsung Pay provides 3 levels of security to keep your account secure.

1. The first level of authentication provided by Samsung Pay is authorizing payment fingerprint or PIN.

2. Instead of sharing actual card number over the network a security token is shared that keeps actual card information safe.

3. Samsung Knox secures card information inside secure vault i.e. card information is encrypted and it will not reveal any information even if the phone is stolen or lost.

How it works:

At the starting, I have talked about MST. It means magnetic secure transmission. MST is Samsung’s patented technology, through this technology we can use the phone with Samsung  Pay to make payment on regular card machines. When phone is kept near to POS terminal it emits a magnetic signal which works just like the magnetic strip found on the back of a credit or debit card.

The other payment method is NFC (near-field-communication), Samsung pay also supports NFC that means Samsung Pay can be used on terminals which are NFC enabled.


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