How to rank on Google Image Search

google image search SEO

Image Search SEO

Image search SEO is another and very important way to do the SEO of your website. Ranking on google image search requires optimization of the images on your page and also it is important for the page elements to promote the ranking of images in search.

How is Image SEO relevant to me

If you are a decorators, hotel owners, craft sellers, a visual content licenser who make their living by selling images or a simple blogger it is utmost important for you to rank higher in google image search.

Key points for image search SEO

Here are the list of points to remember for optimization of the images on your website:

1. Image File Name

You should keep the name of the image related to the content of the page. There is no point naming the image as abd349327545.jpg when you could name it appropriately. Google will understand what the content of the image is by its name and other attributes.

2. Alt Attribute

Alt attribute of the image is equally important as the image name. It defines what will appear in place of the image in case the image is not loaded properly. Alt attribute does help the image SEO.

3. Image Caption

Put a small caption down below or underneath your image. Caption can actually help with the Image Search rankings.

4. Page Title

Page title in reference to the image hosted by it should coincide. Imagine a page title on Titanic and the image shown on it are related to US President. This is not just confusing for the reader but also for the search engine optimization.

5. Page URL

Page URL must be analogous to the page content and the images.

6. Image Size

Generally Google is not looking for very small images or thumbnail. They also tend not to show very large images, although they sometimes will scale it down. Keeping a mid size image on page tends to have more probability to be shown on search engine result.

7. Image surrounding text

Google tends to look at the text above, below and around the images to see if it has relevance.

I hope you like the article for the SEO of your site and how to rank up the image. In case you feel there are some points left to be consider do let us know by commenting below. You can also find other articles related to the SEO of your site here. Beginners guide to SEO

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