QLED TV – Samsung’s First 100 percent color volume TV

Samsung’s new QLED TV becomes the First “100 percent color volume” TV. Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV recently received certification association for its ability to produce ‘100 percent color volume.’

What is QLED TV ? What is 100 percent color volume ?

With the introduction of UHD and SUHD TV the color level ranges have increased, due to which whites have become more whiter and blacks are more darker, resulting in images that are more true to real world.

In normal HDR TV, the color brightness is generally five to ten times higher than normal, while in the case of Samsung’s QLED TV it is 15 to 20 times higher. Thus resulting in much brighter image.

In conventional TV colors are internally separated in a 2D structure while in case of QLED an extra dimension is added for brightness which increases the color volume. The higher the color volume, the better display can express a vast range of different and accurate colors.

In other words ‘100 percent color volume’ means that all colors of the 3D structure space can be displayed regardless of differing levels of brightness.

The future of TV is QLED and it is brilliantly colorful.

photo credit: samsung.com, cnet.com

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