Ping list in WordPress

Ping list provides a feature that enables you to let other people know that you have added a new post or updated a previous post in your blog. Updating the ping list on your blog extend your blog reach to majority of search engines. This is a small step towards the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog.

Here we have listed down some important entries for you.


You can also open this link and copy paste the entries WordPress Ping List

Note: Do not make modification in the list. Make sure all entries are pasted in different lines.

To update the list in ping list section go to Settings > Writing scroll down to ping list, add all entries and click on Save Changes.

Whenever a new post is published or an old post is updated WordPress sends ping to all the Ping services listed in your ping update service and the search engine will quickly index them so that it appears on the search result page.

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