Is CIA spying on you ? CIA Hacking tools Revealed

On 7th March 2017 WikiLeaks has published new series of Leaks on the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under the code name “Vault 7“. As per WikiLeaks CIA uses malware, virus, trojans, malware remote control system to hack into your iPhone, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux and your Smart TV.

Specifically Samsung Smart TV were compromised and converted into covert microphone. “Weeping Angel” developed by CIA EDB (Embedded Devices Branch) in cooperation with UK MI5/BTSS infested smart TV and placed the TV in Fake-Off mode, which means the TV screen was off while the TV was recording conversation in the room and sending them over internet to CIA server.

Apps in your phones like Whatsapp having end to end encryption are also compromised. The hacker actually hacks the phone at privileged level (Operating System level) and reads what is typed on the screen, what is displayed, thus has access to decrypted data or the raw data even before secure apps like whatsapp encrypt them.

Stay tuned for further information on the same and how can you avoid being spied. Comment below your queries.

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