How to track or find lost android phone using Google

Google can track your device, ring,  password protect and factory reset  it. Google also has the ability to pin point the location of your android phone by using Android Device Manager. But to find the location of your android phone the phone needs to have both mobile data/wifi and location services turned on and set to High Accuracy.

Follow the steps to find out HOW :

1. Open browser in your desktop and login to the same google account you used in your phone.

2. Once you are logged in search for Android Device Manager in browser.

3. Open Android Device Manager and click on Allow.

This will start to search your device.

After searching is finished the device location will be shown on the map.

Google can also Ring your phone, Lock the phone screen with a password and Factory Reset the device remotely using android device manager.

To Ring the device simply click on Ring and it will ring the phone at full volume for 5 minutes.

To Lock the device click on Lock and it will replace the lock screen with a password protected lock

To Factory reset the device click on Erase and it will delete all the apps, photos, music and settings from your device.

In case your phone is stolen and you are worried about the data inside your device, the best part with Erase option is that it will perform factory reset as soon as the device comes online !!

You can also check the video link for this article using the link provided below :

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