How to switch from iPhone to Samsung with all your data

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Samsung’s latest flagship model Galaxy S8 is going to be launched today i.e 29th March. If you had taken an iPhone due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and want to switch back to Android with latest Samsung Galaxy S8 keeping all data backup namely contacts, calender, mails, photos, videos and music here  are the basic steps to follow.

Before switching we assume you have already created a google account which will be required during the initial setup in your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Mail, Contacts and Calendar

If you have already used google account and synced the data in your iPhone your work is almost done. Just use the same google account in your new android device which was used in iPhone. Enable sync for mail, contacts and calendar in your iPhone. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts tap on your Gmail account and toggle the switch for Mail, Contacts & Calendar.


If you do not have a Google account and keep all your data on iCloud, do not worry there are apps like SmoothSync for Cloud Calender and SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts.

SMS/ Messages

To copy all the text messages from iPhone to Android you can use an app iSMS2droid

Follow the basic steps and all your messages can be imported to your new Galaxy S8.

Photos and Videos

One of the simple way to transfer your photos and videos from iPhone to Galaxy S8 is to download all the Photos from iPhone or iCloud to your PC and transfer them using USB.

You can also use Google Photos. Install Google Photos on iPhone and upload the images. Later on just log on to the same google account using your Galaxy S8.


There is an android version of Apple Music app. Download the app on your Galaxy S8,  log in to your Apple account,  voila all your music files are accessible.

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