How to submit your site to Google for indexing

The very first point in a blogger’s To-Do list is to bring your site on google search. Just like other search engine google also provides means to index your complete website on its search engine. If you are a newbie to SEO, we would suggest you to go through other tips for SEO of your blog.

submit site to bing
submit site to yandex

How to display your website in google searcH

Google search console also known as Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool provided by google that lets you control your site from the search engine’s perspective. To start with, visit Google search console and signup.

You need to create sitemap xml in order to allow google to crawl your site rapidly. A sitemap is an XML file that contains all the URLs of your site. Sitemap file can be automatically created by yoast seo plugin. To get more info about Yoast SEO visit setup yoast seo plugin. Once the sitemap XML for your blog is ready move on to the next level.

How to submit Sitemap XML to Google search console

Login to google search console and verify your site.

  • Go to the dashboard of google search console.

  • Click on Crawl > Sitemap
  • Click on Add/Test Sitemap button.

  • Enter the correct location of your Sitemap XML created by Yoast SEO plugin or by other means and click on Submit.

If you site has lots of images, we suggest you create an image sitemap as well.

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