How to shutdown Windows 7/8/10 faster

We always shutdown our Windows using the old fashioned way of clicking Start Menu and then click on shut down. But there are other simple and faster ways to shutdown your Windows powered PC or Laptop. Lets take a look of few ways.

1. Create a shortcut

Go to the desktop, right click on the screen and select New -> Shortcut. Then paste the following line

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

Click on next and finish.

You can also give the shortcut a unique icon by right clicking the newly created shortcut, go to Properties ->  Change Icon, then browse one or select from the already given list of icons.

From now just double click the shortcut and it will shutdown the PC. To avoid double click you can simply drag and pin the icon to taskbar.

Voila !! Now you can simply shutdown PC in one click from the taskbar.

2. Change the behavior of power button

Power button of your PC or Laptop is programmed to either put the PC to sleep mode or hibernate.  You can change its behavior to shut down the system, so next time when you gently press the power button the system is shutdown.

Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Choose what the power button does and select Shut down from the drop down list and click on Save changes.


Now from next time you press the power button your PC should shut down immediately.

3. The old school Alt + F4 way

If you do not want to use mouse to shutdown your PC, use the old school Alt + F4 way. Remember this will work only if you are on the desktop screen otherwise it will close the current window.

Go to desktop press Alt + F4 keys, this will open a Shut Down Windows option with shut down option already selected by default. Click OK to power off the PC.

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