How to open Mac formatted USB drive in Windows

Windows PC can not automatically read Mac-formatted drives (Apple’s HFS+ file system). If you are stuck between a Mac PC & a Windows PC and want to read a Mac formatted USB drive in Windows PC here are the basic steps to follow.

First step is to download free HFSExplorer on Windows PC (32/64 bit). Use below link to download.

Install the HFSExplorer using the default settings. Once installation is complete you will find a  new program in your Start menu as HFSExplorer

Now connect your USB drive to the Windows PC and open HFSExplorer.


Go to File -> Load file system from device


This will automatically detect the connected USB drive. Depending on the hard disk inside your PC, you may find that your USB drive will appear as Harddisk1/Partition1, or Harddisk2/Partition1


Contents of the Mac formatted (HFS+ drive) will be shown in the graphical window. You may select the files and folders you want to copy by, clicking the “Extract,” then choose a destination folder in Windows PC. The extracted files and folder will be copied to the location you choose on your PC.


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