How to install WordPress plugin

In the series of starting your own blog you have taken a leap by now to have come to this section. We started off this series with little education about the steps to start your own blog.

WordPress plugins are small extensions or software that extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress blog. There are lots of plugins available in WordPress for FREE. Lets look at the ways to install them.

You can install a WordPress plugin by :

  • Search & Install
  • Upload & Install
  • Search & Install

This is the most simple, easy and convenient method of installing a Plugin in WordPress. Log in to your blog and go to Plugins > Add New 

You can search the name of the plugin you want to install in the Search Box and if it is available simply click on Install Now button. Before installing the plugin please check the compatibility of the plugin to the version of WordPress installed on your blog. You can also click on Popular tab to see the list of plugins installed by most users and also on Recommended tab to get the list of plugins recommended by WordPress.

Once plugin is installed click on Activate Plugin

  • Upload & Install

Upload & Install is a feature provided by WordPress to use a third party plugin or a plugin developed/purchased by you. You can only upload the plugin in zip format. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin

Upload the zip file and then click on Install Now button.


To manage the plugins installed simply go to the Plugins in the WP dashboard and activate or deactivate plugins with a single click. If you face any trouble while installing, activating, and deactivating plugins, let us know via the comments.

Happy Blogging !  🙂

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