How to install and setup WordPress

If you are here we assume you have already bought domain name and web hosting. In case you have not checkout this link stating how to do that.

Follow the below steps to install and setup WordPress:

Once domain is bought using Bluehost you will receive confirmation mails, which may look like this


1. Login to the bluehost server using the Control Panel link provided in your registered mail.

2. Enter the domain name or Order ID and jump to your Domain.

3. One of the most important and a MUST update to be done is to change the “Name Servers” details under Domain registration (Marked in RED). Copy the “Name Server Details” from Single Domain Linux Hosting (Marked in Blue) and paste the same in Name Server under Domain registration.

  • Click on “Name Server Details” under Single Domain Linux Hosting, this will show a small window showing the DNS entries. Copy these two values.

  • Paste the copied values under “Name Server” under Domain Registration. Click on Update New Servers. Keep only the copied two entries and delete all the other default entries.

Note : Updating the new server (DNS) may take 24-72 hours to take place effectively. In our case it took less than 24 hours.

4. Scroll down to Single domain hosting and click on “Manage Web Hosting” which will open the “cPanel” for you.

5. Now click on WordPress icon shown under Scripts in the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER. This shall open a page about WordPress. Click on Install Now to install WordPress.

6. Clicking on Install Now will open the installation page for you. If you do not have much idea about what to fill in the form just follow basic details

  • Choose Protocol : http://
  • Choose Domain : yourdomainname
  • In Directory: By default the field is filled with “wp”. We recommend you to keep this field EMPTY so that you do not face website upbringing issue later on.

  • Fill in Site Name and Site Description, you can always change them after WordPress Installation. In this example we have kept the default entires. Add Admin Account details.

Note: You MUST remember Admin Account details, you will need them every time you login to WordPress Dashboard.

  • Rest entries should be kept default. We recommend not to change any other fields.

7. Click on Install. This may take 3-5 minutes, please be patient.

Voila !! You have done installing WordPress 🙂

You can now login to Administrative URL i.e


Fill in the login details chosen by you while installing WordPress under Step 6.

Congratulation you are now at your WordPress Dashboard. The world is now open for you.

But before you start to dwell into the world of blogging, there are certain tweaks and configuration to be made just after installing WordPress. You can find the details here:

How to configure WordPress and other essential tweaks after WordPress installation

Happy Blogging ! 🙂


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