How to encrypt data in android phone

We all have data in our phone which is more precious than the phone. Sometimes when the phone is stolen or lost we are more concerned about the important data or information stored on the phone than the phone itself.

Steps to encrypt data on your android phone and memory card.

  • Go to settings->system and select Security


  • Under encryption select “Encrypt Device” to encrypt data on the device.

when you choose to proceed with encrypting data in the device then following screen is shown

make sure that your phone is connected to the charger and charge the battery to at least 80% before encrypting the phone.

It is mandatory to provide the password of a certain strength to encrypt device. This password is used to generate the key that is used for encryption.

  • To encrypt data stored in the external SD card select “Encrypt external SD card”

Encrypting SD card will present the following screen.

Again while SD card we need a password of certain strength that is used to generate the encryption key.


We should understand two important points before encrypting our device

  • Security and performance tradeoff, after encrypting phone or/and SD card expect some decrease in performance.
  • Once phone’s data in encrypted it can’t be converted to plain text unless we perform the factory reset.

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