How to configure WordPress and other essential tweaks after WordPress installation

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This is the third article in this series. We would recommend you to check the other articles if you are new to WordPress.

So lets talk about the configuration changes and other tweaks one must do after installing WordPress. Here is the list:

1. Update the Permalinks

The default permalink in WordPress is Plain :

This permalink is not suitable for search engine. You must update the permalinks so that it it is easy for search engines to list your page. Go to Settings > Permalinks and select the Post name radio button and then click on Save Changes button.

2. Remove default page, comment and post

After fresh installation of WordPress there is a default page, default comment and default post. Why keep these unnecessary items when they are of no use and need.

Go to Pages, this will show a Sample Page, hover your mouse over the entry , and click on Trash.

Go to Post, hover the mouse over the Hello World post and click on Trash

Use same procedure for default comment as well.

3. Set Title and Tag Line

Title and tag line on your site says what your blog is all about. This is what the search engine will show about you. You might have set title and tag line while installing WordPress, if you have not go to Settings > General

4. Set your time zone

Change your time zone according to your location. This feature helps you post when you schedule them to a particular time. Go to Settings > General

5. Enable/Disable guest registration

If you want the guest users or visitor to post an article for you, enable the Membership box which says Anyone can register. This basically helps the readers to indulge with your blog. It is up-to you to decide whether to publish that article or not. Change the New User Default Role to Contributor. Go to Settings > General

If you want to be the sole and only author do not check the “Anyone can register” box.

6. Update comment settings

Update when should the comment posted by a visitor to appear on your blog. There will be a lot of spams, it is recommended to update the setting to approve manually. Go to Settings > Discussion

7. Update the ping list

Ping list provides the feature by which a new post or modification done on your old posts will be notified to all major search engines. Go to Settings > Writing.

By default there is only one default entry in this section. You can add a list. We have complied a list of important ping entries for you.

Hope this helps. Stay tuned for further updates.

Happy Blogging ! 🙂

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