How to clear RAM in iPhone

If your iPhone feels little sluggish and you decide to clean up the RAM, one of the most painful feature in iPhone is to force kill all the running apps by double clicking on the home button and then swiping up each and every app one by one. There is a simple way to clear the iPhone’s RAM.

No.. No.. you do not have to restart your iPhone. Just follow the below steps:

Before going further you can check the apps running in your phone by double clicking the home button. This will show you all the running apps

All you need to do is to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button till slide to power off appears. Once Slide to power off screen appears press and hold the Home button.

After few seconds the home screen will appear.

YES you have cleared the RAM of your phone !

To check it further double click the home button keeping in mind that this procedure does not quit any of the apps you had previously opened. Now click on any app and you will see that the app is reloaded. Everything will be a little faster now.


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