How to buy a domain and web hosting for blogging

To start off a blog, the very first thing you need is a Domain and a web hosting server for your WordPress blog. A new blogger should avoid using the free hosting servers as there may not be active support for your blog, delay in email service, breakdown. We have also come across some issues related to plugin installation and their proper functioning. We would recommend a new blogger to avoid using free hosting blogs. In short create your own niche rather than staying on a rented place.

Buy a domain and web hosting. 

Domain is the actual name of your blog that people will see as in our case it is, while web hosting is a server where all the files, images and your blog content will be stored.

There are many web hosting servers out there. You can choose which ever suits your need. We are writing down the list which we feel are better than others.

  • Hostgator Plan starts only at $3.95 per month.

We will talk about Bluehost here onwards.

1. Click on this link to navigate to Bluehost server
Bluehost WordPress Hosting starting at Rs.239/month

2. Navigate to view plans and select the plan which best suits your need.

3. Once you click on buy now, it will ask if you already have a domain. Click ‘no’

4. Type in your domain name and check whether it is available. Make sure the check box at the bottom are marked unchecked. You can always buy these add-ons later if need be.

5. If the domain name is available proceed with the checkout. If it is already taken, you may try with other names or the suggestions provided by Bluehost as you scroll down the list. In this example we have selected the .in sub-domain. Click on Checkout.

6. You can update your order summary by selecting the duration of domain name and web hosting. Update the summary as per your needs. This part is important, and you should pay extra attention here to make sure that you are not overcharged for add-ons that you do not need.

7. Signup your account. Fill in these details carefully as you and Bluehost will get in touch with each other by the details provided by you in this section. All the future correspondence will be made to the email address provided in this section.

8. Complete your purchase by making payment.

That’s it you have bought a new domain and web hosting through which you can now educate people around the globe.

We will talk about how to Install and set up WordPress on the web hosting in next article. Stay tuned.

Please comment below if you face any issue or have any query.

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