Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Human needs in the modern era are becoming increasingly complex. However, this has been accompanied by ever more sophisticated smartphone features which are able to fulfill users’ needs and support their activities. Many of us still do not use all the features of the high end smartphones. Here we are listing down some of the hidden features of Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 + to allow you explore different possibilities.

More Settings for User Convenience

Share Your WiFi Access!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ is equipped with powerful connectivity tools to increase user convenience. When traveling somewhere with multiple colleagues, friends or family where there is limited WiFi access, the WiFi sharing feature is very useful. For example, when WiFi access is limited to only one device, the user of the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 + can share their WiFi access with others users using this feature.

S8 wifi setting for sharing

The WiFi sharing feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ can be found in the WiFi menu

Enjoy Internet Everywhere with Broader WiFi Bands

Staying on the subject of connectivity, the WiFi on the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 + works on broader channels. This means a user’s WiFi connection will be less “crowded” as the channels are not used by other type of phones, meaning connection and transfer rates are steadier.

WiFi channels

The WiFi channels that are available using the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+. The first picture shows the conventional channels accessed by most other phones, while the second picture shows the less crowded channels available through the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+.

Get Perfect Security with a Secure Folder

Aside from mobile connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ is also equipped with Samsung Knox. It has a secure folder that keeps files and apps private, and can only be accessed by the user. Beyond keeping files private, the secure folder can also be utilized when the user has multiple accounts, such as Facebook or WhatsApp. With this feature, users can access both accounts on one phone.

galaxy s8 secure folder

The secure folder feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ through which users can conveniently access more than one account on the same phone

More Possibilities with the Camera Features

Video or Photo? Why Not Both!

Users now don’t have to worry if they want to take a video and photo at the same time. The Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ offers the Motion Photo feature which records a short video before your smartphone takes a photo.

The camera settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ with the Motion Photo option enabled so the user can create a video and photo at the same time

Use a Screenshot to Access a Website

Another feature of the Galaxy S8 is Go to URL. This is quite useful if you are an avid browser. When you visit a website, maybe to find a reference or to shop online, sometimes you take a screenshot of the site to share with your friends or just to look at later. When Go to URL is activated, your screenshot will contain the link to the website. Just click the screenshot and you will be directed to the original page.

s8 gallery setting

The gallery settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ showing the Trash feature whereby users can review and retrieve deleted photos up to 15 days after deletion. Furthermore, the Go to URL feature saves web address in a webpage’s screenshot so users can visit it again just by clicking the screenshot.

(image credits: samsung.com)

Have you found other “hidden” features on your phone? Please share them with us in the comments !


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