Finding shortest distance between two places using google maps

We need to find out straight line distance between any two points on the maps. We can use google maps to help us.

Following is the procedure on Desktop’s browser

  • Open google maps and then right click on any point, let’s call it a starting point & choose measure distance

  • Click anywhere on the map to measure the distance from the start point. To add another point click again.
  • We can drag the point to move it. At the bottom of the screen, we can find the total distance in Kilometres and miles.

Following is procedure to find distance on android application

  • On google map app on android touch and hold anywhere on the map. A red pin will appear and at the bottom name of the place will appear.

  • Drag the name of place up and choose Measure Distance

  • Drag the map so that black circle is on the point which you want to add, once black circle is on the intended point click Add Point
  • At the bottom, you can see distance in Kilometres and miles
  • More points can be added using Add Point.

Currently, this feature is not supported on google’s Map application on iOS.