How to delete unwanted and useless images and media in your WhatsApp Automatically

WhatsApp is the most frequently used application in our phone. Apart from just the text messages we receive LOTS and LOTS of Photos, Videos, Gifs which are junk and useless. There are number of peoples who start their day by sending “Good Morning” messages along with motivation thoughts and consider it their duty to spread the “Good Night” images as well. But the most irritating irony is that the sender may be very close to you and you cannot block them.

These image files starts to accumulate in chunks and eat up large space of our mobile devices. You could choose to delete the entire WhatsApp media folder to delete all the photos, but there might be some important photos in the folder as well.

How to delete unwanted media files downloaded via WhatsApp

Here are our top two picks for you.

1. Siftr Magic Cleaner

Siftr Magic Cleaner finds all the junk photos from your phone’s Whatsapp folder and provides you the option to delete all the junk images or selectively delete them. Siftr does this by image recognition which analyse the content of an image. This requires WiFi or mobile data because the image analysis is done on Siftr servers. Only a small fragment of data is uploaded not the complete image so you need not worry much about the data usage. The app does so by sending small hashes of the image.

2. WCleaner for WA

WCleaner is another brilliant app to remove the unwanted media files from your phone. You can delete all images, audio, videos, profile pictures, backups and saved wallpapers.

Let us know your feedback about which application you found useful. There are plenty other applications to do cleaning task, Comment below to let other readers know about your pick.

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