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Self-learning with Google, YouTube, and Reddit is difficult because there’s so much noise on the internet. Individual’s half of the energy is wasted in weeding out the ads and half cooked material prepared by the amateurs.

The best way to learn on the Internet is to get people who already know what you’re trying to learn about recommend the best resources. This is ideal if you know a subject expert, but if you don’t, Athena’s have cherry-picked resources for your need.

Currently, Athena has listed following topics:

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Samsung’s new Technology for Colourblind


Recently Samsung launched a new application called SeeColors, it helps people with colour vision deficiency adjust the colours of their QLED tv to their specific needs so that they can enjoy TV viewing experience to the maximum.

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20 Useful Applications for Learners

  Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.  
Mahatma Gandhi

Learning is never ending process of one’s life & only secret of success is never cease to learn.

We have curated a list of 20 applications which you will find very useful to quench your learning thirst. The list also has applications which help to teachers to explain their thoughts to the students.

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10 Must have Chrome Extensions

Using Chrome browser for browsing only is its under utilisation. Chrome offers a very powerful platform that can improve your productivity.

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How to delete unwanted and useless images and media in your WhatsApp Automatically

WhatsApp is the most frequently used application in our phone. Apart from just the text messages we receive LOTS and LOTS of Photos, Videos, Gifs which are junk and useless. There are number of peoples who start their day by sending “Good Morning” messages along with motivation thoughts and consider it their duty to spread the “Good Night” images as well. But the most irritating irony is that the sender may be very close to you and you cannot block them.

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What and how much Google knows about YOU


We all know that google knows everything. Every question we ask from Google it has answers to it. The way Google searches the internet to get answers for us in the same way, it remembers everything we search on the google and learn about us.

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Top 5 Google Docs Add-ons

Add-ons in google docs are very handy in increasing our productivity in day to day life. We picked up the best add-ons one should have, here is the list of top 5 add-ons to help you minimize your efforts.

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Top 8 WordPress Plugins

WordPress provides exciting features with many extensions. There are many plugins that does almost all the extra work for your blog. We are listing down the Top 8 WordPress plugin every blogger should have to make their life easy. You may check the previous article on how to install wordpress plugin.

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Most Affordable Cloud Storage – Google Drive vs DropBox vs iCloud vs One Drive vs Zoolz

Once considered as a luxury these days cloud storage is becoming the need as we need to access data from multiple locations and sometimes carrying external hard drive is not optimal.

There are multiple options available in the market to choose from like google drive, dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive & zoolz.

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How to switch from iPhone to Samsung with all your data

Image source: Evan Blass/twitter

Samsung’s latest flagship model Galaxy S8 is going to be launched today i.e 29th March. If you had taken an iPhone due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and want to switch back to Android with latest Samsung Galaxy S8 keeping all data backup namely contacts, calender, mails, photos, videos and music here  are the basic steps to follow.

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