Future of Flying

Air travel is in a time of extraordinary change. With the quick pace of advancement, airlines and plane producers are endeavoring to keep up. Like the automotive industry, plane manufacturers understand the need to improve both hardware and software of an airplane. Currently, the industry is taking a shot at many possible radical developments that could change the face of the industry & flying experience. Lets discuss the future of flying.

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Android Will Have This APPLE Like Feature

Soon Android will have a feature of Apple. There is a new feature coming soon to recognize songs in Google Assistant. When this feature comes,  Android users will not need any third-party applications to recognize songs.

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Parental Control for Android

Google recently launches parental control application & aptly named it as Family Link.  It helps parents to keep in the loop as their kids explore their android devices. Family Link lets parents create an account for their kids and link it to their own account.

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Hyperloop: How It Works?

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, imagines cutting the travel time between Los Angeles to San Francisco to a mere 35 minutes. He has proposed building a high-speed transportation system that would allow humans to travel 760 miles (1,223 kilometers) per hour. He named this technology: HYPERLOOP.

Though it sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but if everything goes as per the concept, this futuristic Hyperloop will replace bullet trains and revolutionize transportation just as the locomotive, automobile and airplane did. Let’s find out how will this futuristic concept of Hyperloop work?

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A Battery Free Cell Phone: Becoming A Reality

Phone manufacturing companies are continually endeavoring to make new phones that can run longer on a solitary battery charge. On the other hand, a team of engineers at the University of Washington has done the unthinkable, They built a battery free cell phone that doesn’t need a battery at all.

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Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+: How much will it cost you

Samsung has launched its latest flagship model Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ yesterday. The device looks very much similar to what we had projected earlier here and here. Though the mobile maker giant has not announced the price of the phone during the launch event but reports now indicates that the phone will be available to buy globally from April 21st.

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Samsung’s Note 7 may come back again but as a refurbished phone

Are you a Samsung’s Note series fan who was heartbroken with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle ? There is a good news, now you may not have to wait for months till Galaxy Note 8 is launched. Samsung may release Galaxy Note 7 again but as a refurbished or rental product.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 new leaks

As the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming up, leaked images of the phone has surfaced again. This time the leaked image looks somewhat similar to the graphical image shown by Samsung officials in the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks & Images

Samsung’s most awaited flagship model Galaxy S8 launch is around the corner. Samsung is relying a lot on this phone after the disastrous series of events that have taken place in past few months. Samsung Galaxy S8 may well be more than just a flagship model as the company’s reputation is also on line keeping in mind the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks & Images”

iPhone 8 may come with wireless charging

If you are an iPhone fan who also believes that other brands like Samsung has an edge over iPhone when it comes to wireless charging. Keep your fingers crossed as iPhone 8 might come up with Wireless Charging option.

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