How to use Google Assistant to remember your things

Google assistant can do much more than you think. If you are relying on applications like Evernote, Keep to note and remember things for you, there is a better option “Google Assistant”. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal assistant. It is available on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones. Press and hold the home button or just say “Ok Google” to launch the application.


Launch Google Assistant on your mobile device and then say “Remember” followed by information you would want Google to remember for you. For instance you can say

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Using Google too much….then Beware

Google is part of our online life every day today and has made our life a lot easier, but if you are using Google frequently to search for information, rather than using your brains, then beware this may lead to dementia.

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Android Will Have This APPLE Like Feature

Soon Android will have a feature of Apple. There is a new feature coming soon to recognize songs in Google Assistant. When this feature comes,  Android users will not need any third-party applications to recognize songs.

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Difference between Google Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2

Tech giant Google has finally revealed its next-generation flagship Pixel smartphones, successor to the Pixel and Pixel XL, and aptly called Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. Both the devices run Android 8.0 Oreo operating system out-of-the-box. But what’s the difference between the two phones Google has just announced? Let’s compare them and see.

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Parental Control for Android

Google recently launches parental control application & aptly named it as Family Link.  It helps parents to keep in the loop as their kids explore their android devices. Family Link lets parents create an account for their kids and link it to their own account.

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10 Must have Chrome Extensions

Using Chrome browser for browsing only is its under utilisation. Chrome offers a very powerful platform that can improve your productivity.

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Winner Android Apps

Last week with the conclusion of  Google IO, Google has revealed the winner Android Apps in 12 categories.

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What and how much Google knows about YOU


We all know that google knows everything. Every question we ask from Google it has answers to it. The way Google searches the internet to get answers for us in the same way, it remembers everything we search on the google and learn about us.

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Top 5 Google Sheets Add-ons

In Continuation of the earlier article where we discussed Add-ons for google docs, in this article we will be discussing Add-on for Google Sheets. These add-ons are quite handy & developed to make our day to day tasks easier.

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Top 5 Google Docs Add-ons

Add-ons in google docs are very handy in increasing our productivity in day to day life. We picked up the best add-ons one should have, here is the list of top 5 add-ons to help you minimize your efforts.

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